Troop 34 - Newfield, NY

Photo Gallery  

Alger Island / Moose River Trip Aug. 12-15

Friday morning at Headquarters (Site #7) "Good Morning, Mr. S!"

SL helping Mr. McL dock the Water Taxi
Preparing to head over to the Water Park Friday morning
Mr. McL loading up for a trip to the mainland

Our dock at the Island
Boat loaded and ready to go!
Heading back to mainland
Doug, Colleen & Diane await Scouts from the Island from the main Park shore
Mr. S brings Scouts via his fishing boat
Unloading Scouts at the mainshore dock
Scouts arriving at the shore
More Scout arrivals ready to go to the Water Park on a rainy day
Heading back to the Island - after the great day at the Water Park
Alger Island - from the mainshore dock
Waiting for a ride back to the Island for the night

Launching canoes into the Moose River (13 in the morning group)
Heading out on the Moose River
More launching in the Moose River
Paddling along the Moose River
MM & JT in their canoe
Beautiful day on the Moose River
SL in the lead canoe with his Dad
The Morning Gang at the Dam / Waterfalls
The Morning Gang at the Waterfalls
Scouts helping a family out of their canoe (a Good Turn Daily!)
CT at the waterfalls
Canoeing back from the waterfalls
Heading back through the marshes & lilypads
Paddling back
3 of the 5 canoes heading back
The gorgeous Moose River
Perfect day for canoeing!
Afternoon Group heading out on the Moose River (13 in the pm group)
Heading out through the lily pads
Heading down river
ZM, CT, and VN landing near the dam & waterfalls
Getting out near the waterfalls
The afternoon Gang at the waterfalls
The waterfalls / dam
The Adirondak Train goes by
ZM, BW, DB & SY watch the train go by
Heading back on the Moose River
SY, BW & AP head back in their canoe
Heading back on the river
AA waits for the others to catch up
MW, NB & TF head back on the river
ZM gets a free ride back up river
AC & DB canoe under the bridge back
TF, NB & MW head back up the river
TF, NB, & MW coming back
MH and ZN cooking hot dogs for dinner
MW's injury - after his return from the Utica hospital for a wood splinter
CT and CF brew the stew!
Crowding around the hot dogs
CF lining up for the beef stew
Aloha!  JC dishing up the stew
ZN with the biggest catch (rock bass) of the weekend
Z's bass (caught late at night)
Z with his catch

NB and SM cook sausage and eggs for breakfast
View from Site #7 - Headquarters
AA and SM cooking breakfast
Breakfast table Sunday morning
MM and NB fixing French Toast
DB enjoys her breakfast
CM and SL loading the dock for departure
Alger Island from the East
ZM on the boat ride to get gas
CM on the boat ride for gas
SY driving the boat to get gas
Small islands out on the Fourth Lake
More islands on Fourth Lake
SL enjoying the boat ride
Scouts loading up the dock for the return trip
Site #8
Site #6
Site #5
CT and CF at their site #4
Site #3
Site #2
Sandy beach near Sites #2 and #3
Water pump by Sites 2 & 3
Large boulder with tree roots
Tree and rock on the Island
AC - King of the mountain!
Loading the canoes for the trip home
Packing up for home
Mr. C and Mr. Y pack up the vehicles