Hot Biscuits ... 1979-1980

Roger Bacorn on guitar, mandolin, and Lead vocals.  (Roger's Guitar shop CLICK HERE)
 - Roger has an amazing, beautiful tenor voice.  He plays and makes his own instruments.  A great flat-picking guitarist, as well as mandolin and other stringed instruments player.  We played a wide variety of folk, jazz, swing, country, and eclectic!

Jim Lawrence on bass and vocals

Later joined by:

Ed Nizalowski on sax and flute

Mark Joyce on drums


"Crazy Man Crazy"
w/ Mark Joyce on drums
"Way Downtown"
w/ Mark Joyce on drums
"Twigs and Seeds"
w/ Mark Joyce on drums

"Truck Drivin' Man"

With Ken Schupp on drums:

"All of Me"
"Tuxedo Junction" "Summertime"
"DJ Special"
"Watermelon Man"
"You Are the Sunshine of My Life"
"Kansas City"
"I'll Fix Your Flat Tire, Merle"
"On the Sunny Side of the Street"
"The Thumb"
"Ditty Wah Ditty"
"Honkey Tonk Women"

                        At the Rusty Nail in Cortland, NY

                                At the Rusty Nail in Cortland, NY

At Plums Restaurant in Ithaca, NY

At The Gazebo Lounge in Ithaca, NY

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Jim & Roger go electric

Mark Joyce on drums

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for Noyes Lodge, CU

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Crazy Man Crazy
Crazy Man

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