Jim Lawrence played for over 40 years in the Ithaca and upstate New York music scene, playing styles from Jazz, Folk, Motown, Fusion, and Pop to New Wave,
Bluegrass and Rock n' Roll.  (see Jim's bands)

In 1984 his band "The Choice" won the BBC Great American Rock n' Roll Talent Search.
From 1985 to 1991 Jim was the lead singer in "The Kinetics", and has recorded at Electric Wilburland Studios, MasterView Soundcrafts Studios, and Pyramid Sound Studios.
Jim has been in opening acts for Graham Parker, The Del Fuegos and The Gang of Four.

He notably played with The Backtalk Band in Ithaca for over 25 years, where he managed the band & sang lead vocals.

He is now "retired",  playing ukulele, and living on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.   Ah......

Jim Lawrence Originals:

"Don't Leave Me This Way"

"Take the Time"

"Why Am I Sleeping"

"Alone Again"

"I'm Right"  (The Kinetics version)

"I'm Right"  (The Choice version)

"I Don't Care"

"Knife in the Water"
by Jim and Lee Heffron

"I Can't Decide" -  (with The Kinetics)
Lead vocals by Steve Edgar

"The Pickleball Song"
(by Jim & TK Lawrence)