Tasty Licks  - 1978

Ithaca College student band ... my first band!

Brad Benjamin (lead vocals, guitar)     [ here's a solo song Brad wrote & recorded at Calf Audio in Ithaca, NY: "There's A Lot of Love Left in Me" ]
Steve Lichtman (keyboards, vocals) 

Kirk Feldmann (guitar, vocals)
Rob Ambrosino (drums, vocals)
Jim Lawrence(bass, vocals)

Audio clips online!  (Thanks to Rob Ambrosino)  CLICK HERE

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Tasty Licks Article


Set List!!

Tasty Licks Cover letter


Ad in paper

Tasty Licks Song List

Tasty Licks sings
A Capella!
Rob Ambrosino on drums!

Hear the Tasty Licks first gig!!!!  (Thanks to archivist Rob Ambrosino!)  - MP3 files

"Woodstock" featuring the powerful lead vocal of the one and only Mr. Kirk Feldmann!

"Black Friday" sell it Jimbo, sell it!

"Funeral for a Friend"...Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Steve Lichtman with some "Tasty Lichts"!

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