Jim's Bass Guitar Past Collection  (click on the name of the bass to see the pics!)

My one and only bass now:

2008 Fender Squire Classic Vibe '60s Precision Bass Guitar (Sonic Blue)
( with 1978 Precision Bass pickups!)

Basses I have owned in the past (but not anymore):

My very first bass ..... a Fender Telecaster beauty

My 2nd bass: 1976 Fender Precision / Black

Mayfair BASS (Beatle style) Samick 3/4 Bass (sunburst)
Lotus Bass Guitar (sunburst) Fender 1978 MusicMaster bass (dk blue)
Ibanez blazer guitar (blue) Peavey Foundation Fretless (brown)
Fender Squire Bullet sunburst (Japan) Fender 1992 Jazz (Mexican) Lake Placid blue
Fender Fretless Jazz (Japan) cream white Fender Squire China Baltic blue P-bass
Fender Jazz Mexico (Indigo blue) Fender 1983 Amer Precision (buff)
Fender Bullet Deluxe B-34 American  Red Fender Precision sunburst (Mexico)
Fender P-Bass Special sunburst (Mexico) Fender Fretless Jazz Indigo blue - (Mexico)
Fender 1998 Squire P-Bass white (China) Washburn Acoustic/Electric AB-10
Rickenbacker 1976 4001 Bass Jay Turser Beatle Hofner Copy
Fender 1972 Telecaster bass (blonde) Peavey Foundation (black)
Epiphone 1999 Les Paul Bass (flametop) 1978 Ibanez Musician (ebony)
2001 Fender Sting Signature bass Hofner 500/8  1960s Bass ( cherry red)
Gretsch 1963 PX 6070 Bass Vox Cougar Bass 1967
1973 Fender Telecaster Bass (Ash finish) 1998 Fender Squire P-Bass Special  (sunburst - Made in Indochina)
1977 Fender American MusicMaster Bass  (ash) 2004 Fender Squire Jazz Bass  (Walnut Satin finish)
(w/ Raven Labs pickup booster)  Made in Indochina  Serial #s/n IC031216027
1997 Fender Squire P-Bass Special  (white)
(Made in China) Serial #YN757917
Fender Blue Flower '54 Reissue Precision bass  (Made in Japan)
1967 Fender Coronado II Bass (Sunburst)  Serial #203990 1997 Fender American Precision Bass (sunburst)
(w/ Raven Labs pickup booster) Serial #N7273905
Fender Squire Precision bass (black) Serial # SN-IC00026929 2007 Fender Squire Precision P-Bass Special Edition (black w/mirror pickguard)  Serial #IC050915296
Fender Squire Vintage P-Bass (sunburst) 2007 Danelectro Dano 63 Long Scale Bass - Red Burst - 2008
1965 Hofner 500/2 Club Bass German Upright (date unknown) - bought at Rumble Seat Music / Ithaca, NY
2012 Epiphone Ltd Ed "Worn" EB-3 Electric Bass Guitar 2012 EPIPHONE EB-0  Short-scale Electric Bass (Cherry)
2011 Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special Short Scale 1966 Fender American Mustang Bass
1975 Fender American Jazz Bass (Maple) with EMG active Pickups Serial #680147 1976 Fender American Precision Bass (fretless) (Natural finish) Serial #7647173
1976 Fender American Mustang Bass (sunburst) Serial #7606962 2011 Fender Squier Vintage Modified Mustang Bass (sunburst)
2016 Fender Squier Affinity Jazz Bass (Lake Placid Blue) it was fun playing all these basses!

Here's what I dream about at night ......

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